Daily Ritual S​/​T

by Daily Ritual

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released May 18, 2015

All tracks were recorded & mixed at TNT Studios (Singapore)
All tracks mastered at North London Bomb Factory Mastering (UK)

4490 Records & Sabotage Records




all rights reserved


Daily Ritual Singapore, Singapore

Daily Ritual is a 5 piece politically charged melodic punk rock band from Singapore, South-East Asia.

P-Town Hardcore
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Izzad - Guitars/Vocals
Hafiz - Guitars
Thaib - Guitars
Ifran - Bass
Hood - Drums
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Track Name: The Wall
This city is broken
The damage is done
The war is over and the soldiers are gone, long gone...
This city has ruined the clouds above and these bodies bled innocent blood for nothing

This city was a hiding place for us but we could only hide behind these walls because
the smoke aren't dense enough to keep us undercover
from the planes above our heads

What can i do?
There's nothing here that can save us
There's nothing here that can save us all

All that's left behind for us were only remnants of tragedy
Track Name: Save Yourself
Take a look into your eyes in the mirror
Just take your time to look at yourself
Just take your time
Take a moment just to think about the reasons why you've got to change your mind
Just take your time

Stay away

Take a step away
Away from the noose
From the ledge
From the pills
From the thoughts that could kill you now

Take a moment of silence
Think about life that they gave you
Take a deep breath now

But it's still your choice to make
Track Name: Death and Depression
Falling in the darkness
I can feel the cold floor starts to bite into my nails and into my fingers

I crawl into the darkness
I can see no lights, no freedom and no future at the end of the tunnel

Falling in the darkness
I can feel the tension growing in between my bones and my skin

Fighting for a new life
All i want is just an escape from this world and their hopeless opinions

Death and depression
Track Name: You Represent Decay
Why don't you understand the meaning of ignorance?
Your selfish thoughts are stale
You represent decay
Do you understand?

And there's still time for change
You're only being impatient
Your backwards set of thinking
It doesn't work today

Do you understand?
Do you understand me?

Why can't you understand?
It's obvious to me that you represent decay and shallow-minded men
Track Name: Desperation In A Police State
Attention please!
This is a police state
We hold your passports
Your access to freedom
You take your pledge
You take whatever you need but your freedom stays right here with me

Desperation in a police state
They just won't let you run away
Desperation in a police state
Desperation, desperation

Attention people!
Here's a space for your mind
You can say what you want

You can say what you want but my father hates your worthless opinions
So hide them away or i will make you pay
Track Name: The Siren
When the sound of siren starts to wail
You know they're coming after you

When the sound of siren starts to wail
You know they're coming here for you
Track Name: Coldstore Operation
What happened to the city when i was gone?
I was on the run
So, please tell me if my wife is still alive
I hope she's alright

I wasn't even near here
and I didn't have a place to go

I don't even know what happened to my family when i was gone
All thanks to the one that launched the Coldstore Operation
What have i done?
I was on the run
Track Name: Surveillance
We got nowhere to go
We got nowhere to run away
We got nowhere to hide
We got no place to hide from their eyes
No place to hide

We question everything but what are you going to do about it?

Surveillance city?